Campaign:Rise of the Runelords

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Rise of the Runelords (also known as "RotR") is a planned long-term campaign following a campaign path.

Player Characters

Non-player Characters

Nulia Aasimar corrupted by Elriam
Elriam Quasit that terrorized Sandpoint
Father Zantis head priest at the church in Sandpoint
Sheylu forest traveler who keeps tabs on the local orc and goblin tribes
Orik Mercenary hired by Nulia to keep adventurers at bay
Tsuto Amieko's brother, he was the one responsible for allowing the goblin attackers to enter the city
Leera Ackenja sorceress hired by Nulia to research creatures to aid in the destruction of Sandpoint
Ameiko A former adventurer, Amieko is now the owner of the Rusty Dragon in Sandpoint
Sandra Deverin mayor of Sandpoint
Hemlock Sheriff of Sandpoint