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  • Avexian. Councillor of the Thornford Barony
  • Era. Ruler of the Thornford Barony
  • Kerlach. General of the Thornford Barony
  • Ophila. Magister of the Thornford Barony


Bokken A old hermit that makes potions.
Chief Sootscale The chief of the Sootscale kobolds. Currently the Royal Assassin for the Thornford Barony.
Davik Nettles A dead toll taker that was killed by Stag Lord's bandits.
Jhod Kavken A traveling cleric that has come to the greenbelt seeking a lost temple of Erastil. Currently the Head Priest for the Thornford Barony.
Kesten Garess Head Mercenary that defend's Oleg's Trading Post. Currently the Warden for the Thornford Barony.
Oleg Leveton Owner of Oleg’s Trading Post. Currently the Treasurer for the Thornford Barony.
Svetlana Leveton Oleg's Wife. Currently the Marshall for the Thornford Barony
Tyg-Titter-Tut A Grig native to the Greenbelt. Currently the Grand Diplomat for the Thornford Barony.