Willow's Den

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Willow's Den serves as the capital city for House Trollscale. Easily regarded as the poorest of the capitals in Corterra Willow's Den has always struggled to reach tomorrow. Although it's walls are mostly made of wood the city is extremely well defended. This is largely due to the fact that the guards of Willow's Den have fought off monster attacks for generations. Life in Willow's Den is hard. The winters are frigid, the summers are humid, and the days are long.


Vital Summery

Name: Willow's Den (Large City)
Population: Approximately 25,000
Location: Land of Trollscale
Architecture: Wood, occasionally stone
Political system: Council
Influence: Edgar Trollscale
Secondary Influence:
Economic Standing:
Exports: crafts, felts, lumber and game.
Imports: grains and livestock.


Life and Society

Government and Politics

Although home of the head of House Trollscale Willow's Den is mostly governed by a council of nobles and chosen representatives. House Trollscale code sees that the head of the House should be focused on his land as a whole and that cites are better off governed by others. The council has proven to be a fair and just way of running Willow's Den.


Almost all buildings in Willow's Den are made of wood. Only the castle and a few noble's buildings are made of stone. Marble is unheard of in Willow's Den. The roads in the city are just dirt paved and street lanterns are uncommon in most districts and non existent in the poorer districts.


While Willow's Den is located in the Southern part of Trollscale's Land it is still affected by Corterra's harsh winters. The summers are no less forgiving with a very high humidity. A river called Foxtail River runs through the city splitting several districts. The rivers into Willow Lake to the South East of the city. To the North West lies The Weeping Forest where it is said the cries of the monster who have been slain can be heard.


The economy of Willow's Den is mostly based around the exportation of crafts, felts, lumber and game. They import most of their grains and live stock from House Badgercrawl.


Willow's Den originally began as a hunting camp set up by some of the first humans to set foot in the Land of Trollscale. The camp while highly profitable it saw many horrific attacks from the monsters in the area. Eventually the camp was controlled by House Trollscale who began to fortify the area. Due to the leadership, wealth, and overall strength of the house the camp quickly became a city. The city steadily grew over the years specifically in it's crafting district. Because of the constant non-human attacks on the city the relationship between humans and demi-humans as been rocky to say the least. Both sides have a large amount of distrust and small skirmishes have become a common occurrence. As a measure to stop some of the violence the council of Willow's Den formed a district for the sole purpose of housing the demi-humans in 1312. In 1428 Ogar Trollscale otherwise known as Ogar the Mad took control of the house and the city. His tyrannically 60 year rule drained the house of nearly all its money and resources. The damages were so severe that Ogar's son Edgar Trollscale was forced to lead a rebellion against his father. The rebellion was a success and Edgar took the throne of his war torn house in 1489. In December of 1492, while House Trollscale was still recovering from the rebellion, Alabaster Phoenixor seized the opportunity and invaded the Land of Trollscale. However, it was not until the Spring of 1498 that forces reached Willow's Den. The assault lasted four days before a cease fire was ordered in hopes to find a peaceful negotiation. On June 1st of 1498 the negotiations officially started.