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Hello, I am Henry AKA Ninfyr. Since we just met, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a college student at a state university studying bio-chemistry and bio-technology. I would consider myself an introvert; I do fine in social situations and am not excessively awkward, although I don’t particularly enjoy them.

Like most people these days, I am familiar with computers and have been using computers and the internet since I was eight (it was a very different place back then).

I look forward to getting to know you a lot better. I am active everywhere because I kinda have to be. The best way to contact me if I am not on the Teamspeak is by e-mail. Perhaps we will communicate again some other time.


  • I enjoy anime. Here is a link to My Anime List so you can get a sense of my tastes.
  • I am also a gamer. Here is a link to Steam so you can get a sense of my tastes.
  • I enjoy movies and music, but I can't hold a meaningful conversation about them.
  • Tabletop gaming must be one of my all time favorite past times. If you need someone to Gamemaster or be a player be sure to let me know.


There is some slight ambiguity as to how "Ninfyr" is pronounced. It is pronounced nymph-ear and never as nine-fire. Also, it is never shorted to Nin or Nin-chan or any derivatives of.

Personal Index

An easy way for me to keep tabs on my frequent pages. This is what I am working on right now.