Tobias Phoenixor

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Tobias Phoenixor is one of the youngest sons of Alabaster Phoenixor. He is short and fairly stout. His large cheeks are covered in freckles that match his red hair. His nostrils are large and snout like, giving him the nickname 'The Pig'. Known for being lazy and unmotivated as a child Alabaster saw the attack on Goblingrave as a chance to give his son some responsibility. Tobias Phoenixor led the very successful assault on Goblingrave and then oversaw the destruction of Fort Rottenwood thanks to the help of House Phoenixor count mage Melanie Featherburn. After Fort Rottenwood fell Tobias continued to march his troops across the Trollscale countryside strait into Willow's Den. Even though the warring Houses are in negotiations Tobias occupies much of Willow's Den, stirring up trouble and creating chaos.