Single Roll Damage Resolution

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This rule is for 3.PF


Avery gives up.

SRDR Weapon List (WIP)

Attack Roll

You make an Attack Roll versus your targets Armor Class. Your bonus to this roll is Base Attack Bonus + Dexterity Modifier. This roll is compared to your opponents Armor Class


Every weapon has a base damage and a damage spread.

The Base Damage you do on an attack (regardless of roll) is Weapon Base Damage + Strength modifier for melee attacks

You then compare your Attack Roll against your opponent's Armor Class and add or subtract your weapons Damage Spread from your Base Damage for every two points above or below your targets armor class (respectively).



Avery's Notes

This rule is designed to make it so how well/hard you hit an opponent is directly proportional to how much damage you do to them.

When designing a weapon it should follow some guidelines.

  • Precision weapons such as a Rapier or Ranged Weapons should have a Damage Spread equal to or greater than their Base Damage. This represents that if you miss, you do hardly any damage, and if you hit really well it does quite a bit of damage. This also makes precision weapons good against lightly armored opponents.
  • Heavy hitting weapons such as a Warhammer or an Early Firearm should have a Damage Spread much lower than its Base Damage. This represents that unless you really miss by a large amount your target is going to take some sort of damage. This makes heavy hitting weapons good against heavily armored opponents.