Simple Experience

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Level Experience Point Total Feats Ability Score
1st 50 1st -
2nd 100 - -
3rd 150 2nd -
4th 200 - 1st
5th 250 3rd -
6th 300 - -

Characters receive 1 experience point for: overcoming an easy battle; escaping from a difficult battle or boss battle; overcoming a non-combat challenge such as a trap, or diplomatic negotiation; other misc tasks.

Characters receive 2 experience points for: overcoming an appropriately leveled combat encounter.

Characters receive 3 experience points for: overcoming a very difficult encounter or boss battle.

Characters receive 1-2 experience points for: Good roleplaying or impressive humor or drama

Characters receive 1 experience points for: pushed the storyline forward, or having the right skill at the right place and time