Shadowrun 5e: Crunchy Fall Damage

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Shorter Distances

If the distance a character falls is less than the amount he can fall in the first turn shown, according to their size, on the tables below, then he take damage equal to the square root of the distance fallen multiplied by three + the characters BOD score, with a negative AP equal to half the distance fallen. Falls less than four meters are Stun damage, while falls four or more meters are Physical damage. This damage is resisted with BOD + Armor.

Intentional Jumps

If a character intentionally falls, she is allowed a gymnastics test to lessen the fall damage. Every hit on Gymnastics + AGI Test reduces the effective fall distance by 1m. If the distance is reduced to zero, then fall damage is negated. A character is allowed this test with a -2 penalty during an unintentional fall with a successful REA + INT(2) Test.

Longer Distances

If the distance a character falls is more than the amount shown for the first turn, subtract that amount from the distance he will fall. On each successive turn check how far he will fall during that turn and subtract that amount from th9e remaining distance. If the amount shown exceeds the distance left in the fall, he takes damage equal to one quarter his BOD score, minimum 1, multiplied by one third the distance shown. A successful Freefall + BOD (3) check reduces damage by one half before the damage resistance test. A character can retry this test every full turn that they fall. A gymnastics test does not reduce fall damage taken in this way. This damage is resisted with a simple BOD check.

All Distances

Fall damage is increased for larger characters and decreased for smaller ones. Multiply physical fall damage by the amount shown before the damage resistance test.

Falling is mentally traumatic. Any character who takes fall damage must make a Composure Test with a threshold equal to one quarter the distance fallen, max 6, or take a penalty to their actions equal to how many hits they missed the threshold by, for a number of Combat Turns equal to the same amount.

Fall Distance per Turn in meters
1 30 30 50 50 50 50
2 50 60 100 100 100 100
3 50 90 120 150 150 150
4 50 90 120 150 200 200
5 50 90 120 150 200 250
6+ 50 90 120 150 200 300
Size Damage Multiplier
Size Example Multiplier
Dimunitive Domestic Cat 1/2x
Tiny Small Dog, Raccoon 2/3x
Small Child, Gnome, Dog -
Medium Human, Elf, Dwarf, Cougar -
Large Orc, Black Bear 1.25x
Huge Troll, Grizzly Bear 1.5x