Revised Shadowrun Firearm Classification

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Often overlooked due to the appearance of the great dragon Ryumyo, the Shadow Caliber Wars of the early 21st century are nonetheless an important part of the history of the sixth world.


But this isn't a history lesson, this is a gun guide and all you need to know is that there are five plus one calibers: Light Pistol, Heavy Pistol, Light Rifle, Full-Sized Rifle, and Heavy Rifle. Shotshells are the "plus one" because they are special snowflakes. For pistols there are two types of guns: pistol and SMG. and for rifles there are three-ish: Sporting/Long-Range, Automatic, and Machine gun. Some of these classifications get special bonuses.

Caliber (common name) Base Damage Recoil AP Types
7.62x25 Tokarev (Light Pistol) 6p 3 comp w/ stock, 2 w/o - Light Pistol, Light SMG
.440 Cor-bon (Heavy Pistol) 8p 2 comp w/ stock, 1 w/o - Heavy Pistol, Heavy SMG
6.8 mm Remington SPC (Light Rifle) 8p 1 comp w/ stock -1 Light Sporting/Marksman Rifle, Assault Rifle, LMG
7.7×58mm Arisaka (Full-sized Rifle) 10p - -2 Full-Sized Sporting/Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle, MMG
.416 Barrett (Heavy Rifle) 12p 1/2 str for comp -4 Heavy Sporting/Anti-material Rifle, Troll Rifle, HMG
12 gauge shotgun shell (Shotshell) 10p - -1 Shotgun (what were you expecting)
Pistol Can be used one handed with out penalties
Sporting -1 AP
Marksman/Sniper/Anti-Material -2 AP, Takes running firefight penalties
LMG/MMG/HMG +1 inherent recoil compensation, x2 penalty on uncompensated recoil
Shotgun lots of ammo variety


Caliber Short Medium Long Extreme
Light Pistol 0-5 6-30 31-50 51-80
Heavy Pistol 0-8 9-35 36-60 61-100
Light Rifle 0-50 51-150 151-350 351-500
Full-Sized Rifle 0-100 101-250 251-500 500-1000
Heavy Rifle 0-150 151-350 351-800 801-1500
Shotgun (see text) * * * *
Modifier 0 -1 -3 -6


Luckily, although there are only a handful of calibers, there are a fraggin lot of ammo types. The basic ammo you will find is Full-Metal Jacket, FMJ for short. FMJ bullets use the stats of the guns above. Specialty rounds modify the damage and armor piercing effects of the round.

Name DV AP Description
Explosive +2 +1 Small HE filler
Sub -1 -1 Thin tungsten-carbide core surrounded by soft layers, usually an aluminum alloy
Hollow Point +1 +1 Has a hollowed out tip causing expansion in soft tissue
Stick and Shock -2(S) always -5 Tiny projectile Tasers that stick to the target
Gel +0(S) +1 Dense gel that spreads out on impact spreading out the force to a much larger area


Shotguns use slugs as their standard ammo type along with some unique specialty ammo along with their own rules.

Lead slug that has it's own rifling for marginal stability

Uses the Heavy Pistol range modifiers

Can use all specialty rounds

Lots of tiny needles

+2 dice pool

Uses the Light Pistol range modifiers and applies them to damage as well

Can't combine with regular specialty rounds

Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding-Sabot

Sub-Bore tungsten-carbide projectile with fins to keep it straight

-1 DV -2 AP

Uses Small Rifle range modifiers

can use all specialty rounds except Sub and Gel

Revised Shadowrun Firearms List