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Ranjiinyev is a continent far to the west of Freesia. It is somewhat unknown to the common peoples of Freesia, but to wealthy merchants, it is a spectacular market with demand for new goods, and a supply of gold from the Imperial City to support it. Most of the continent is controlled by the Emperium, and the small sectors that aren't are disregarded by the people of the Emperium.


The Red Cloak The Red Cloak is an expansive mountain range that covers much of the north-eastern quarter of the continent. It is said that the Red Cloak was raised by a great mage to protect his castle, but anyone who attempts to find the castle goes missing. The Bödsturm clan have found home in the south-eastern portion of the range.
Dael Dael is a small town in the eastern quarter of Ranjiinyev, and south of the Red Cloak. Karzoc of Bödsturm once lived here.
Imperial City The Imperial City is the metropolis-capital of the continent, with a population of more than a half-million and covering 100 square miles of land. Situated near the center of Ranjiinyev, the sprawling is often considered the most diverse place in the world, and uses a contingent of the Imperial Army to police its people.


Karzoc of Bödsturm Karzoc is a former keeper of the peace, and is on the run from Herchel's Trust and the Imperial Army.
Hark of Bödsturm Karzoc's father. Was an elite member of his clan until he was betrayed and slain by Karzoc.
Ren Cairvayen Karzoc's mother. A captive until Karzoc arranged her freedom, and went missing when Karzoc was imprisoned.
Castor A commander of the Imperial Army. Noticed Karzoc's prowess and service while he was passing through Dael, and recruited him as a keeper of the peace.
Marn A friend of Karzoc's, Marn is a fellow keeper of the peace in the Imperial City.
Deeahn Herschel The leader of the crime syndicate Herschel's Trust. Was inadvertently arrested by Karzoc during a contraband bust, but was released on lack of evidence.

Campaign:Aggressive Forestry, Place