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Placed between the Sleeping Forest and the Silverhorn Mountains the town logging town of Oakenshire is know for being very superstitious. It is ruled by House Hawthorne and governed by the fire priest John Hawthorne. Although still a part of House Wolfcry the people of Oakenshire are quite different than the rest of House Wolfcry. In June of 1497 a missionary from House Badgercrawl named Abigail Badgercrawl came into the town to preach the word of the New Gods, This was seen as heresy by John Hawthorne. He made the claim that she was a witch and sentenced her to a witches trial. Before the trial was started though two warriors Mila Novak of Sleeping Forest and The Saint cause a commotion and Abigail escaped. The two warriors were kicked out of the town but Mila Novak returned and challenged Warden C.W. Hawthorne to a duel. Mila killed the warden and the town slipped into chaos.