Sir Mila Novak of Sleeping Forest, Ambassador Knight of House Badgercrawl

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Mila Novak (born on July 29th 1481) is a knight serving Abigail Badgercrawl.

Vital Stats

Name: Sir Mila Novak of Sleeping Forest, Ambassador Knight of House Badgercrawl
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 4ft 8in
Weight: 98 lb.
Patron: Non-religious

Mechanical Stats

Sir Mila Novak of Sleeping Forest, Ambassador Knight of House Badgercrawl

Female Human Ranger 2 (Beastmaster archetype)
CN medium humanoid
Init and Senses 0, Perception +5 (Normal Vision)
Languages Common, Sylvan, Read Lips,
AC 17, touch 10, flat-footed 17
HP 19 (2 HD)
Saves 4/3/1
CMD 13
Speed 20 ft (4 spaces)
Attacks Longsword +3(1d8+1/19-20), Crook +3(1d6+1/x2), Elfish Longbow +3(1d8+1/x3), Shield Bash +2(1d4/x2), Dagger +3(1d4+1/x2),
CMB +3
Abilities STR 12 DEX 10 CON 12 INT 13 WIS 12 CHA 13
Base Atk 2
Special Qualities Favored Enemy: Animal (EX), Track (EX), Animal Empathy (EX), Bullied (trait), Inspiring Rush (trait)
Feats Combat Expertise, Boon Companion*, Two-weapon Fighting
Skills Climb -1, Woodworking +5, Alchemy +5, Painting/Drawing +5, Handle Animal +6, Heal +5, Knowledge (geography) +2, Knowledge (nature) +5, Linguistics +2, Perception +5, Ride -2, Survival +7, Swim -1
Gear Longsword, Crook, Dagger, Elfish Longbow, Scalemail armor, Heavy Wooden Shield, Magic Badgercrawl sash, Signet ring, Backpack , Belt pouch, Bedroll , Flint and Steel, Torches (5), Rations (5), Rope (50 ft), Waterskin , Explorer's outfit , twine (50 ft.), Firewood, Cooking Kit, Mess kit, Riding Kit, Blanket , Soap, Furs , Tabard, Poncho, Chalk (3), Sack (2), Folding shovel, Whetstone,
Lifestyle Average (10 gp/month) Mila lives in her own apartment, She can secure any non-magical item worth 1 gp or less from her home in 1d10 minutes, and need not track purchases of common meals or taxes that cost 1 gp or less.


Personality: Usually quiet, naive, and gentle temperament. Can also be a little bit selfish and impulsive. Mila is very adamant about her honor as a knight (despite the dishonorable nature that she was granted knighthood).
Appearance: A fair skinned girl of slender build. Make one think of a lost puppy. Her thick messy hair the color of rust. In her sapphire eyes, everyone else was an intruder in her own little world, giving a melancholic feel to her. Over her scalemail armor is a tabard made of coarse cloth with a coat of arms, a upright bear carrying a crook.
Origin: Mila hails from the Wolfcry hamlet of Levington. Though it is the place of her birth, she doesn't think of it as much of a home, but would defend it with her life. Whether it is because of a sense of duty as a knight, or because she love Levington more than she is willing to admit, no one knows.
Life before an Adventurer: Mila was an easy target for those stronger than herself. This abuse made her a bit vengeful at times. To avoid others she has always wandered the wilderness and has practically been “an adventurer” since she could walk. A self made survivor. Mila became familiar with the strange and terrifying creatures of the Sleeping Forrest, facing creatures most only dream of in their nightmares.
Family: Father Jaromil Novak. Mother Danica Novak. Older sister Eva Novak. Mila never developed strong emotional bonds to parents, and mostly cared for by Eva Novak. Mila was born a serf bound to serve and pay tributes to a local manor.
Likes: Animals, dolls and manikins (objects that mimic human form), and gambling.
Dislikes: Bullies, crowds, and alcohol.
Friends: She never had any friends because people thought she was strange, parents even instructed their children not to associate with her. Mila prefers the company of animals over humanoids. Mila never hesitates to help the few people she has bonded with.
Enemies: When she was age 15 a bear took up residence in the near by woods. No one willing to take action, the hamlet decided to send Mila to deal with it, possibly hoping she wouldn't come back alive. Although Mila resolved the issue, the hamlet grew to fear her even more. Mila was granted the rank of chevalier and then promptly exiled from Livington, making her an errant knight.
Prized Possessions: Her longsword, armor, and signet ring from when she was “knighted” Sir Mila Novak of Sleeping Forest. She always wears her arms and armor unless she is sleeping and rejects any attempt to persuade her to do otherwise.


"Wherever I go, I must lead the charge. Striking forth, spirited and swift as the wind."

“A lady in distress? I must save her!”

“What are you talking about? We are all elites! I could get a medal for this.”

"Monster... only a way to justify shunning what can not be understood."

There is no time to waste! Diex aie!

"Are all Trollscale so stupidly optimistic, or is it just the military?"

"Everywhere I go, they mock and reject me."

Knight's Oath

During Mila's ceremony of knighthood, she swore to uphold these principles and take them very seriously. Though Mila was knighted, it was only used as an excuse to make her leave the hamlet Levington. She was granted a sword, armor, a signet ring, and a mount. Though she has the status of knighthood from House Wolfcry she had no lord or baron to whom she swears loyalty, until she was appointed Abigail's Protector by Fredric Badgercrawl on July 1497.

  • Mila will loyally serve her lady, Abigail.
  • Mila will always defend a lady.
  • Mila will be charitable and defend the poor and helpless.
  • Mila will speak only the truth.
  • Mila will be brave, and would never avoid dangerous paths out of fear.
  • When on a quest, she will remove her armor and armaments only while sleeping.
  • If taken prisoner, she will give up her arms and horse to her opponent and not fight the opponent again without the opponent's consent.
  • Mila will fight only one-on-one against an opponent and never outnumber a group.

Quirks and Mannerisms

  • Easily persuaded with praise.
  • Fidgets, particularly when holding a weapon.
  • Fights primarily with thrusting attacks.
  • Flicks her sword left, then right prior to sheathing.
  • Generally assumes that other's motives are as simplistic or shallow as her's.
  • Has Hyperopia
  • Highly vulnerable to women.
  • If not introduced, other characters are referenced to by their defining characteristics.
  • Issues commands to Gilfried by whistling.
  • Issues commands to Pannya by calling his name.
  • Maintains unusually longer distance from others in social situations.
  • Master tactician when Ninfyr forget to stay in character, or it helps the story advance.
  • Readily resorts to physical torture.
  • Resolves complex disputes via duel.
  • Shows excitement when given an opportunity to preform a knightly duty.
  • Shows gratitude with curtsey.
  • Takes a "shotgun" approach to problem solving.
  • Talking to more that one person at a time is difficult.
  • Unusually accustomed to the dead.
  • Voice breaks when speaking loudly.
  • Willing to eat practically anything.