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Basic Information

Name: Nohec the Nairabrab
Age: 77
Gender: Male
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 134

Statistics and Skills

Body 5
Enurance 5
Parry 5+MD
Vigor 5
Coordination 4
Climb 3
Dodge 5
Ride 4
Weapon (Swords) 5+MD
Sense 4
Direction 4
Scrutinize 5
Sight 4
Knowledge 1
Language (Esulean) MD
Lore 4
Command 2
Intimidate 2
Charm 1
Nohec is as charming as a rock. A really old rock. With lots of wrinkles.

Advantages and Problems

Status (Hero of the Distant Past) [A] 2

Nohec, long ago, was a hero, renowned for defeating monsters and felling foreign kings and emperors (of only for personal gain. Now he is nearly forgotten, and one can hardly recognize him unless they’ve seen him before.

Thick-Headed [A] 1

Wealth [A] 2

Misplaced Confidence (Lore) [P]

Nohec frequently jumbles facts and stories of heroes, lands, and treasures.


Duty When obtainable, treasure should be liberated from the hands of others.
Mission Find the hidden palace of Aku (actually Axin, see Misplaced Confidence in Lore) somewhere on the Isles of Eletar.
Craving: Eat great, big slabs of meat whenever they are an option.


Life before an Adventurer
"What? Life of a capturer? Ah tell ya what, it's hard stuff, what with people runnin' away on ya an' all. Ah should know, bin doin' it near all my life, 'cept when ah was a real small lad. Back then, ah just run 'round and, and ... dangit, what did ah do? Oh yah, we picked on the geezers in the streets. GIT OFFA ME, YA DAMN RASCALS!"
"Way back when I was just a lad, my maw tol' me not to git mahself inta too much trouble. She was real sweet, and would always smile when we got to dig into a fresh meat pie. Paw would always groan when maw made 'em, 'cause it meant less for him, I guess"
Plundering, meat, women (when they'll have him)
Not getting treasure in a raid
If you can tolerate him, he likes you.
Anyone who can't tolerate him, anyopne who forcefully keeps him from finding treasure.
Prized Possessions
Nohec’s most prized possession is the sword he used on his first successful dungeon raid (he conveniently, uh, misplaced the others). This sword is so rusty, nicked, and dented that even the most desperate thieves wouldn’t consider taking it (not that Nohec would let them, anyway)