Leberecht Freudenberger

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Mechanical Stats

Leberecht Freudenberger

Male Human Warrior 1
Init and Senses 1, Perception +1 (Normal Vision)
Languages Common, Elven
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 12
HP 10 (1 HD)
Saves 2/2/0
CMD 12
Speed 30 ft (6 spaces)
Attacks Longbow +3(1d8/x3), Long Sword 0(1d8-1/19-20)
CMB 10
Abilities STR 9 DEX 14 CON 10 INT 14 WIS 11 CHA 13
Base Atk +1
Special Qualities
Feats Point-Blank Shot, Far Shot
Skills +6 Craft (Bow), +1 Perception, +3 Stealth
Gear Long Sword, Longbow, 20 Arrows, Wooden Shield, Chain Shirt


Born to a tournament performing archer, Leberecht followed in his fathers footsteps and become a talented archer. He enjoys fine arts and can be a little pretentious from time to time.