How to Not Suck at Shadowrun

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A concise guide to creating Shadowrun 5e characters that can successfully live on the harsh streets of the 6th world.

Feel free to disregard these recommendations for roleplay/build reasons, but know what you are getting into.


Have ~12 dice for what your character is supposed to be good at.

Have ~9 dice for things that your character is supposed to be competent at.


Try to not have a 1 in any attribute so you have at least 1 dice for skills with no ranks (defaulting).


Useful skills to put at least 1 or 2 points into regardless of build:

  • Perception
  • Running
  • Con and/or Etiquette
  • Computer(Matrix Search)
  • Pilot Ground Vehicle(Wheeled)

Regardless of build, put at least 4 points into Automatics or Longarms if you don't have combat skills as part of your build.

Don't forget Knowledge Skills.


Everyone needs these (in no particular order):

  • Dodge Scoot
  • Licenses (same rating as fake sin)
  • Certified Credstick
  • Commlink
  • Some form of Direct Neural Interface or Image/Sound Links and AR Gloves
  • Micro-transceiver
  • ARMOR!

Final Notes

Don't forget contacts, and your lifestyle.

And as always:

  • Watch your Back,
  • Shoot straight,
  • Conserve ammo,
  • And, never deal with a dragon.