House Badgercrawl

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House Badgercrawl is the primary religious house in Corterra. They are a very powerful house second only to House Phoenixor. Founders of the new Religion and the New Gods the people of House Badgercrawl value order, strength, and lineage. Many paladins and clerics are from House Badgercrawl because of their strong religious values. Most people of the house are farmers because of the rich soil the land is on, because of this House Badgercrawl is able to trade it's excess food for arms, jewels and other exports. House Badgercrawl is not currently at war with any other house. However their relationship with House Wolfcry is very tense. House Badgercrawl sees House Phoenixor as slightly betraying for allying with House Wolfcry. The House has a very good relationship with House Krakenfang because of their constant trading.