Harpy (Shadowrun Race)

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Harpies (also known as valkyries) are a subvariant of elves that have avian wings extending from their arms. A lighter frame means that they are less durable and not as personable than standard Homo Sapiens Nobilis but they are faster and stronger to facilitate flight in the fitter specimens.


1/5 3/8 1/6 2/7 1/6 1/6 1/6 1/6 1/6

Racial Traits: +1 dice pool on visual perception tests, Flight, Prehensile Feet, +100% Lifestyle Costs, Slow land Speed

Land Movement Rate

Walk Rate Agility
Run Rate Agility*2
Sprint Increase 2m/hit

Prehensile Feet: +2 dice pool on non-tumbling/flying gymnastics tests.

Flight Rules

To get airborne requires a Gymnastics + Agility (5) test.

  • +1 if taking off into the wind
  • +2 if taking off into strong winds (not cumulative with previous)
  • +1 per rating of the light body adept power
  • +3 for jumping from a high point/already gliding

Movement while flying works similarly to movement on the ground with a standard "walking" and "running" rate and sprint increases. In addition flight can't be maintained below 8m/round.

Walk Rate Agility*4
Run Rate Agility*8
Sprint Increase 2m/hit Gymnastics + Strength

For every hit on a Gymnastics + Agility test a harpy can climb 2 m. Every 2m climbed lowers the walk rate modifier by 1 and the run rate modifier by 2.

With a Gymnastics + Agility (1) test a harpy can glide. While gliding, a harpy moves agility*2 meters for every 1 meter they drop in altitude (round the amount dropped up). Same movement rules as above except they can only "walk".

While flying a harpy can carry up to their Str*5 kg without any sort of test. Each hit on a Strength + Body test increases their carrying capacity by 5 kg. Every 5 kg above the limit reduces a harpy's physical limit in regards to flight by 1.