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Placed on the northern tip of Silveroot Forest Goblingrave once served as a House Trollscale fort. The fort was established in 1457 to hold off goblin attackers from Silveroot Forest. The campaign was ultimately successfully when the soldiers of Goblingrave burned down a portion of the forest. This killed thousands of the goblins and since then the goblins have never been a serious issue to the people of Trollscale. After the goblin incident people of Trollscale began to settle down in the fort turning it into a small town. Unfortunately for the people of Trollscale House Phoenixor took over Goblingrave by force in late 1497. Currently the town is governed by Tobias Phoenixor son of Alabaster Phoenixor and lies on the front lines of the Trollscale/Phoenixor war. Tensions are high between the loyal Trollscale people and the ruling Phoenixor military. It is one of the top priorities of House Trollscale to take back Goblingrave.