Euphrasia Floros

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Vital Stats

Name: Euphrasia "Euphie" Floros (formerly Ephrath Baum)
Race: Hithlondi
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 4ft 11in
Weight: 110 lb.
Stats Body 1 Coordination 4 Sense 4 Command 3 Charm 5 Knowledge 4
Skills Athletics 2, Climb 6, Dodge 7, Empathy 5, Expert Hospitality 5, Expert Flower Arranging 5, Expert Penmanship 4, Fascinate 8, Fight 5, Graces 8, Healing 4, Hearing 6, Inspire 4, Intimidate 4, Lie 7, Parry 2, Perform 6, Plead 5, Scrutinize 5, Sight 5, Stealth 8, Vigor 4, Weapon Skill Empty Hand Striking 5, Weapon Skill Grappling 6
Advantages Animal Companion (Viper), Beauty (7), Rabbity, Tranquil Presence, Wealth (5)
Gear Fighting fan, Fighting Parasol, Spikes, Bombs (blinding, toxic), poisons (various), fancy tailored dress with hidden pockets, Silk Scarfs, Sturdy boots, Journal, Rare Perfume, Reading Glasses, Leather case (containing pens, nibs, ink, pigments and ruler), makeup kit, mirror, chalk,
Gear Traveling case, Bedding, Zither, Books (of poetry, literature, and plays), Extra clothes, Jewelry, Accesories, Flint, iron pot, mess kit, soap, twine, Liquor jug, Exquisite Tea leaves,


Mission: Make peaceful contact with the princess.
Duty: Guard and provide for the village.
Craving: Eat lots of yummy street food.


Personality: Kind, patient, and protective (sometimes vengeful), Easily embarrassed. Quick to back down when faced with resistance.
Appearance: Euphie has a soft, feminine appearance. Her pale skin is prone to sunburns. Silky medium-length hair the color of cold ashes, Her eyes are especially striking because of its central heterochromia blue-green color. Her demeanor suggests nobility. She is garbed in a pink frilly dress with exaggerated sleeves and a floral motif and holds a parasol in one hand, and a fan in the other (also sharing the same floral patterns). Despite her impractical outfit, her boots are surprisingly functional.
Origin: Born in Hithlonde, second in line to inherit a duchy. Traveled to a village deep in the West Aven's mountains, changing her name, and studying dancing, poetry, hospitality and the like. She did this to distance himself from inheriting the estate if her eldest sister were to be slain.
Life before an Adventurer: Studied/apprenticed for three years at an unusual village. It was destroyed by military force, the survivors scattered in all direction.
Family: Both parents are alive, six siblings (one dead due to smallpox-like illness)
Likes: Horror-genre literature, adoration, street food, full moons, games of chance
Dislikes: spilling food on clothes, sand, cold tea
Friends: Was adored by the village people and given a lot of attention and gifts.
Enemies: Has been caught half-dozen times in situations that appeared adulterous. A handful of illustrious women seeks revenge. (Problem)
Prized Possessions: A collection of poems was given to her as a gift during a time in her life when he needed them most. Though the text has been weathered beyond use, the entirety of the treasury has been committed to memory.

Combat style

when grappling favor gripping the victim by clothes and sweeping. Waiting for the opponent to make the first move and capitalizing on errors. Taking control of their body using finger and arm locks.

The viper's name is Belladonna. In the village the viper are revered and respected as a symbol of fertility, protection, and medicine.