Carrus Archaon

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Carrus Archaon (born on November 15 1476) is a mercenary and former member of Wolfcry under minor house Archaon.

Vital Stats

Name: Carrus Archaon
Race: Human
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Alignment:Neutral Good
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 190 lbs.
Patron: None
Hair Brown

Eyes Brown

Hometown Oakenshire

Mechanical stats

Carrus Archaon

Male Human Fighter 2
NG medium humanoid
Init. and Per.0
Languages Common, Orc


HP 26 (2HD+4mod+2specialization)
Armor 16 Flatfooted 15 Touch 11, Scale Mail
Saves 5/1/1
CMD 14


Speed 30ft(20 with armor)
Attacks Great sword +4 (2d6+3/19-20), Throw Axes +4 (1d6+2/x2, 10ft)
CMB +4


STR 14
DEX 12
CON 14
INT 12
WIS 12
CHA 10
BAB +2
Feats power attack, quick draw, fleet, cleave
Skills Climb +6, Diplomacy +1, Survival +6, Swim +5
Equipment waterskin, 7 days rations, bedroll, backpack, 50ft hemp rope, sack, traveller's clothes


Carrus tends to be callous towards others, not really willing to talk to them or otherwise insults them on a regular basis. This tends to soften slightly as time goes on but in some capacity it remains. Any personal questions tend to be brushed off or avoided as irrelevant to the job and will react violently towards those who push the topic. During battle has a carefree approach, willing to dive into as many people as possible and wipe them out. His accent is muddled, having constantly mixed in the local dialect to mask his own regions.
Carrus is an average looking male human, a body type that doesn’t betray anything extraordinary about him. Is 6’2’’ and weighs 190lbs. Has dark brown hair and eyes as well as a lean face with only a few thin scars to betray his mercenary life. Tends to slouch slightly when standing but will straighten quickly if talking to a client.
Carrus was born to “House” Archaon, a minor house within the Wolfcry town of Oakenshire. Not a true house in terms of nobility or standing, House Archaon was mainly a sub group of House Wolfcry and maintained a slavish devotion to its parent house. Carrus’ father Maxwell was especially feverish in his wish to impress the nobles of Wolfcry and took his ambitions out on Carrus. This came in the form of training, which started when Carrus was 5 and grew increasingly brutal as time went on. This gave Carrus a withdrawn demeanor and made socialization impossible as the only company he had was his father who took whatever time he wasn’t training his son to berate him for not being better. This continued for another 13 years until Maxwell decided it was time to prove that Carrus could work as a Wolfcry soldier. Taking Carrus into the mountains near Oakenshire during the winter, blindfolded so he would not know the way, Maxwell left Carrus with some clothes and a challenge to make it back or perish otherwise. Carrus nearly perished the first night, nearly freezing without a fire or food and then was forced to hide when a pack of wolves came. It was in this hiding that Carrus had his epiphany to survive, getting a drive of hate towards his father and for the house that he held such devotion to and the gods who could ignore his pleas for help Carrus used rocks to stone the wolves and used some jagged rocks to cut the pelts and make makeshift clothes. He then climbed down the mountain and within a week and a half of living out in the wild he made it back to his house. Maxwell was pleased with this and ordered for a Wolfcry party to come and take Carrus to a military camp to train, not even taking the time to congratulate his son, or see the poisonous herbs Carrus had collected on his way being slipped into his cup. Maxwell died that night and Carrus was blamed, his mother having noticed Carrus’ change in demeanor upon his return. Not wishing to have her son killed, but angered by his actions Carrus’ mother exiled him, giving him the barest of supplies and the great sword he carries now for his journey. Carrus is now an outcast, slightly paranoid of his relatives coming to revenge themselves upon him and letting his hatred for Wolfcry continue to fester.
Father Maxwell (Dead), Mother Castine, brother Talth, various cousins and relatives. Despite the amount of family, none are close to him since his exile.
Money, Warm weather, fights, respect, recognition
Any God, Cold weather, Wolfcry, Poisons or their use