Brennus Ilarson

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Vital Stats

Name: King Brennus Ilarson of Clan Rhydderch
Culture: Pencan
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 5in
Weight: 215 lb.
Body 5 Coordination 2 Sense 2 Command 3 Charm 2 Knowledge 3
Athletics 2 Climb Direction Haggle Fascinate 2 Healing
Endurance 2 Dodge Eerie Inspire 3 Graces 2 Lore
Fight 5 Perform Empathy 2 Intimidate Lie Strategy 3
Parry 4 Ride Hearing Perform Jest Tactics 3
Run 5 Stealth Scrutinize Plead Student:
Vigor 3 Weapon: Sight Counterspell
Advantages Status 5: Petty King, Wealth (5), Beauty 7, Royal Retinue (8 threat-4 followers), Servants (10 threat-1 followers), Sailors (10 threat-1 followers), Possession: Royal Mansion, Possession: "Gwanwyn's mercy" (small ocean vessel)
Problems Missing Left Hand
Traveling Gear Ornate Spatha, Chainmail, Riding Horse, Signet Ring (Clan), Signet Ring (Royal), Brass False Hand, Exquisite Royal Clothes, Fine Travel Clothes, Luxurious Sleepwear, Exquisite Dark Travel Cloak, Ornate Cloak, Jeweled Cloak Clasp, Royal Pavilion, Full mess for 20 people 3 wagons and oxen, 6 tents for servants and retinue, Soap, Parchment (30 sheets), Ink and quill, 4 bottles of fine wine
Company Clan Rhydderch


Mission: Unless a true claimant to the throne appears: press claim to the throne of Esulus or have the strength to declare independence
Duty: Must take any action that benefits his realm
Craving: The Finest Liquor


Appearance Brennus is very tall, handsome, and powerfully built. He has a characteristically pale pencan skin tone, short dirty blond hair, trimmed beard, and light green-hazel eyes. Brennus carries himself strongly but without tension. Even when he isn't smiling his eyes seem to anyway. He always keeps himself very clean almost to a fault. Even his plain travel clothing exudes nobility by its impeccable cleanliness, perfect fit, and nice fabrics. He never wears the same outfit multiple days in a row.
Personality Relaxed about most aspects of life outside the court, A bit of a prankster, genuinely cordial, and he forms very deep friendships, but is conscious of class and can be a bit pretentious at times. Treats servants and other people of low birth well, but only in a formal manner.
Family: Deceased: Grandfather, Grandmother, Great Uncle, Great Aunt, 3 Uncles, 1 Aunt, 2 Half-Brothers, 1 Nephew, 2 Cousins,

Alive: Mother, Half-Sister* (30), Younger Brother (12), Younger Sister (7), 3 Nieces (20*, 16*, 13), Female Cousin (28*), Nephew 2º (14), Niece 2º (2)

Maintains decent relationship with younger brother, strained since assuming royal duties.

Married to Aelia of Clan Bowen (16 y/o), a clan with decent holdings near Clan Rhydderch, with one infant son named Emrys.

A dozen or so minor clan members (descendants of great uncle)

* married out of clan

Likes: good food and drink, fights, high class parties, secretly enjoys the atmosphere of low class parties, feeling really fancy when wearing the full ceremonial regalia
Dislikes: any negative comment about his clan and realm, clan Ricca, bees
Friends: younger brother, retinue
Enemies: Being a king means you have many potential enemies