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"To follow the path of your craft is every Verum's passion. As a merchant, I'm able to make the paths of all my clansfolk a little bit easier. That's what I set out on my journey with my clansfolk and created the Merchants of Truth." - Verum Orator when asked about why he became a merchant.

Vital Stats

Name: Verum Orator
Company: Merchants of Truth
Nationality: Aven
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165lbs ~ 75kg


Body 1 Coordination 1 Sense 4 Command 4 Charm 4 Knowledge 1
Run 1 Stealth 2 Empathy 5 Haggle E+4 Fascinate E+4 Lore 5
Scrutinize E+4 Inspire E+4 Graces E+4
Direction 1 Lie 5
Jest 1

Book Page 45 for Skills Reference:

Advantages: Wealth 5, Subtle Beauty 3(min height 5), Status 3(Head of Moderate Merchant Group), Patron 2(Verum Silver)
Problems: Stupidly Forgiving
Gear: 2 dozen extra MoT Signet Rings, Flask of Fragrant Perfume (Verum), Exquisite Letter Opener, 2 dozen sheets of loose parchment, 2 Banded notebooks, 3 Quills, 3 bottles of ink, light Scales, dried rations, Stick of wax, Engraved canteen,


Mission: I want to be in control of the largest, most powerful merchant group
Duty: Take opportunities to expand the company
Craving: Amass treasure and information


Life before an Adventurer: Orator, second son of Elder Fascination was a special child in the way that we wasn't really attuned with any specific craft. Playing with the other children was not his game, but he enjoyed making things interesting by getting the other kids what they wanted; dolls, games, toys, even the occasional coin for snacks. This was noticed by one of the Elders of the clan, Elder (Verum) Silver. He saw Orator's potential for the merchant trade and speech craft; the boy was charming, and clever and never seemed to get into any trouble even when he made mistakes. Apprenticed to Elder Silver, Orator developed the skills and personality of a merchant. When it come time for his 16th birthday he earned his name by speaking to the clan's elder circle to convince them to let him lead a group of clansmen to become a special merchant group when they came of age to set out. His speech was enough and on his 24th birthday he led 16 men and women of the clan out into the world as the Merchants of Truth.
Family: Member of Clan Verum. Father: Elder Fascination(Scholar-Mastery); Paternal Grandmother: Finalrest(Mortician-Retired); Mother: Solution(Apothecary); Big Brother: Woodfashion(Carpenter-Verumfolk); Big Sister: Softpillow(Tailor-Hasnt Started); Younger Sister: Booklove(Historian-Too Young)
Likes: Wealth, Information, Learning, Trading, Making Connections, Helping Others, Festivals, Speakers, Books, Unique Crafts
Dislikes: Betrayal, Insincerity, Brute Force, Distractions, Useless people, Boredom,
Friends: (Patron 2) Elder Verum Silver
Enemies: None
Prized Possessions: Information Notebook, Trading Ledger,
Rings: Clan Ring (right pinky), Merchants of Truth Ring (left pinky)