Abigail Badgercrawl

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Abigail Badgercrawl is the noble daughter of Fredric Badgercrawl. She is a missionary for the New Gods traveling all across Corterra to preach the word of the New Gods.


She is a human with a small, but sturdy build. She is 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 100 pounds depending on how much food she has in her travels. She has long wavy red hair that she tries to keep neat even on her distant travels. She is 15 years of age but always tries to act older. Although very naive and childlike her travels have forced her to mature. She is extremely confident sometimes too much.


Abigail was born and raised in Chrysanthemum. She lived in only the noblest of homes. Being the daughter of one of the thirteen her life was surrounded by religion. At 14 her father sent her on a mission to Oakenshire, a town very loyal to the Old Gods. The town saw her preaching as hericy and accused her of witchcraft. She was given a "trial" and sentenced to death. However she was saved by Sir Mila Novak who escorted her back to Chrysanthemum. There, Mila was knighted as Abigail's bodyguard on her mission travels. Abigail was then sent on a mission to Fort Rottenwood in the Land of Trollscale.